Holiday Volunteering

The College’s December Theme is: Donate, Engage and Enjoy! To spread happiness around the city, a group of  scholars volunteered at Inn from the Cold and Stephen’s Backpacks.

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Speaker Series 1 – Patrick Finn

November 14, 2017 – Patrick Finn

Critical Condiction:Replacing Critical Thinking with Creativity


Patrick Finn, author of “Critical Condition: Replacing Critical Thinking with Creativity”, on what a paradigm shift in university education looks like, evolving from combative critical thinking to infinitely more complex and collaborative networks of non-linear creative thinking. Patrick is an inspirational, well-loved teacher filled with passion for his craft. He serves as the Chair of Research and Innovation at the Edmonton Digital Arts College and is an Associate Professor at the School of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary.

About the speaker

Dr. Patrick Finn is an Associate Professor in the School of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary. He has degrees from McGill, the University of Calgary and the University of Victoria. His primary interest is in performance with an emphasis on technology. He researches and teaches on creativity, performance and related areas and has lectured and led workshops throughout the globe. At one time or another he has been a professional writer, programmer, designer, musician and academic.

TEDx Talk of Patrick Finn: Loving Communication

Beakerhead 2017 – Rings of Reconciliation

Curiosity Questions

  • What has happened to Indigenous people, and what are its effects, to all people, today?
  • Go to to download and create your own your own Back Pocket Reconciliation Action Plan.

Makers and Making

  • Rings of Reconciliation is an interactive art piece created by Kori Czuy and Chantal Chagnon, with assistance from multiple engineers, youth groups, students, and volunteers
  • Kori, a Métis from Northern Alberta, is currently a PhD student at the University of Calgary studying how math can be experienced through Treaty 7 ways of knowing. Her intent is to bring hope, dialogue, and friendship between different ways of knowing through art and interaction. Chantal is a Cree/Ojibwe/Métis artist and activist. She shares traditional teachings, songs, and stories to create bridges of understanding and healing in the face of adversity.
  • The Rings of Reconciliation installation was created using a variety of applications including traditional materials, such as weavings created with hide, and modern materials, such as 3-D printing and electroluminescent wire lighting, along with recycled materials.
  • Rings of Reconciliation symbolize the circle of life, the intertwining stories of the dreamcatcher and the four directions, and an overarching message of hope towards reconciliation.
  • At Beakernight, Elders Reg Crowshoe and Casey Eagle Speaker will tell stories of the land we are on (Mohkinstsis- the meeting of the Bow River and the Elbow River), teachings of the medicine wheel, and the hope and reconciliation behind the “end of trail” symbol. Then the Ojibwe dreamcatcher story will be told by Chantal Chagnon
  • Visitors are invited to interact with the installation by writing down their interpretation of reconciliation and how they will follow through with those intentions in their everyday lives. These writings will be attached to the bottom of the piece, like the feathers of a dreamcatcher.

Truth and Reconciliation

  • The Truth and Reconciliation Commission honours the history and culture of Indigenous people of Canada that was forcefully removed by residential schools, with the hopes for the creation of respectful relationships between all peoples in the future
  • For over 100 years, an estimated 150,000 First Nations, Métis, and Inuit children were removed from their families and sent to government-funded, church-run institutional schools, sometimes hundreds of miles from their home.
  • The last residential school closed in 1996.
  • The experience has left a legacy of unresolved trauma passed from generation to generation, and has had a profound negative effect on the relationship between Aboriginal peoples and other Canadians.
  • The intent of the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) is to guide a process of reconciliation through renewed relationships created through mutual understanding and respect.
  • Rings of Reconciliation will share this land’s Indigenous history and culture through collaboration, art, music, food, and Elder storytelling.


Pictures from the Event


Documentary showing: Qapirangajuq – Inuit knowledge and climate change (October 2017)

Join us for a relaxed screening of Qapirangajuq: The world’s first Inuktitut language film on
climate change, with spirited discussion (over ice cream) with our experts in the Arctic,
climate change and communication: Dr. Shawn Marshall, professor of Glaciology and
Climatology and Canada Research Chair in Climate Change (2007‐2017), Dr. Chui‐Ling Tam,
resource management expert and Arctic researcher in the Geography Department,
Dr. Mél Hogan from the Communications, Media & Film Department, and more.

Venue: Crowsnest Hall (on‐campus) – Multi‐purpose Room
Date: Tuesday 24th October
Time: 4pm – 5:30pm

Pictures from the event