College Team Charter

V. 1.0 – August 2017

The purpose of this team charter is to set expectations for how we can work together to
meet the College mandate of encouraging scholars to Connect, Enrich, and Energize.


Spend time among the College scholars to encourage close working and social
relationships. Volunteer opportunities are here for the taking, and scholars should also
bring their own interests and projects to the College to enrich our activities and

  1. Participate regularly in at least one of the College subcommittees
  2. Use College resources to pursue projects and events that connect us to your extra-College communities
  3. Have a variety of different types of activities that consider the diverse interests within the College
  4. Plan a balance of casual social and more formal events
  5. Be accountable for your commitments


Foster a vibrant community of ideas, reflecting the diversity of the scholars in the College

  1. Use different formats of discussion during meetings to ensure voices are heard
    ○ E.g. one-on-one or small group segments, voting, roundtable, on-paper or whiteboard brainstorming, etc.
  2. Provide opportunities to participate remotely
    ○ E.g. D2L discussions, via e-mail, possibly by remote conferencing
  3. Seek peer feedback about the success of events, meetings, leadership style, etc.


Decisions are made on a consensus basis in the appropriately accountable group

  1. Consensus is built among the members who are present during the meeting
    ○ Decisions to be made should be announced in the meeting’s agenda
    ○ Provide opportunities to give input remotely beforehand, if necessary
  2. Consensus has been reached when there are no further objections; everyone feels that the decision is acceptable even if not optimal from their personal perspective.



Every year, the College sets a new Grand Challenge. The Grand Challenge is a theme to focus our efforts to serve the community, university, and College.

  1. A majority of the events and projects within the College should be related to the Grand Challenge theme
  2. The theme is specific enough to guide and generate ideas for events, and broad enough to take advantage of the diverse strengths and interests within the College
  3. A new theme is chosen every summer in a collaborative process including the College and partners in the wider campus and Calgary communities


Use early, clear communication to ensure that expectations are set and met for meetings and gatherings.

  1. Release agenda prior to meetings — stick to the agenda and its timetable
  2. Give lots of lead time for events to allow scholars to plan their schedules
    ○ At least 1 week for meetings
    ○ At least 2 weeks for major events
  3. Set a firm deadline to RSVP for events and volunteer opportunities
  4. Schedule events to accommodate different schedules


Our College common room is available and equipped to encourage College interactions, host team meetings, conduct workshops, and hold College social events.

  1. Spend time (studying, reading, socializing, etc.) in the College common room to encourage collegial interactions
  2. The space is available for team meetings of all sorts within the College
  3. Supplies are free to be used for College-related meetings and workshops
  4. Keep our space in meeting-ready condition — return supplies to their place


Our main platform for meeting minutes, the event calendar, internal news, and collaboration is D2L. We also have regular e-mail communication, and an external online presence through a website and blog.

  1. Give updates and reminders about near-future events to the co-chairs for the weekly College e-mail before midnight Monday
  2. Send scholar profiles, event reviews/pictures, and committee updates to the communications director for the monthly College newsletter before the last day of the month
  3. Set your e-mail autoreply if you will be unable to respond within a few days