About us

The College Vision

The full vision for The College, as developed and adopted by the Graduate College Steering Committee in March 2015 is as follows:

“With a core of exceptional graduate students anchoring a community of academics and distinguished individuals in a signature facility, The College will bring together a diversity of individuals and groups to enable engaged discourse on important and challenging topics. Located at the heart of our university, it will reflect the values and vision of Canada’s most entrepreneurial and energized city.

The members and programs of The College will serve its communities and create a dynamic environment promoting excellence in research, education, and connection to communities, focusing on its three foundational themes (connect, enrich, and energize). The College will enable dialog, leverage its diversity, and prepare its members to provide the leadership required to address complex issues facing Calgary, Canada, and the global community.”

The College Logo

The logo is meant to represent the College connecting with and helping others in the community (the sun rays), the enrichment of their and College members’ lives, and – so energized – aspiring to reach the stars together (the sun and bird)



The logo was create by Gary Gress.


College Team Charter_2