Creating a Common Language for Low-carbon futures in Alberta

Creating a Common Language for Low-carbon futures in Alberta

Luis D. Virla
University of Calgary

How can Alberta use its available energy resources to develop an energy generation sector that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable?

In this panel discussion, experts from various backgrounds (Indigenous communities, Academia, Policy Making, and Industry) will present their views on the challenges and opportunities of current initiatives addressing low-carbon future options in Alberta. In addition, the panelists will discuss the potential risks and uncertainties for these futures and their socio-economic impact from the perspective of the communities involved. Attendees will learn about the evolution of the energy sector and what is the current situation regarding green-house gas emissions. Also, how potential low-carbon futures for the province may look like and will be welcome to engage in a constructive and throughout dialogue with the panelists and other members of the audience.

About the panelists:

Cecilia Fitzpatrick – Elder, Fort McKay First Nation

Bori Arrobo – Sr. Manager, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs, Fort McKay First Nation

John Van Ham – Director, Water NEXT and VHR Inc, Environmental Consulting

Prof. Alastair Lucas – Director, Sustainable Energy Development Program, University of Calgary

Prit Kotecha – Director, Environmental Engineering, Suncor Energy

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